Why you need to customize the smartphone itself to work in the background

Starting with Android 6, Google decided to take care of saving the smartphone battery.
For this purpose, the way was chosen to maximally limit the work of applications in the background mode (when the application is minimized and the smartphone with the screen turned off is lying for a long time).

Unfortunately, with each new version of Android the restrictions become more and more and for our application to work correctly the first thing you need to do is to customize your smartphone.

How do restrictions affect the Real Time GPS Tracker in the background?

  • The Android system forcibly terminates the application at its own discretion. The application can be resumed only by opening the application window.
  • Data is no longer transmitted to the monitoring server when the screen is turned off. Or they are transmitted rarely at long intervals (from 5 minutes to once every few hours)
  • Access to GPS data is blocked, determination of coordinates is sometimes possible only by LBS, which affects track detail, or completely, which causes no track at all.
  • Work with schedule delays, start of economic mode, start by accelerometer and other modes. Not seldom mechanisms for starting additional modes are also simply forced to terminate by the system

Below we have tried to describe the most important settings that, depending on the Android version, need to be made. In most cases, after making these settings, the application will work correctly in the background.

If you have any questions or problems while working in the background mode, you can always contact our support team at support@livegpstracks.com. It is very desirable to record the technical log in advance and attach the log file when you contact us.