Personal Area

Sign in to the

➔ In the top menu of the site, the item “Settings

➔ You will be taken to your personal area.

The area is divided into 5 main sections:

  • Account settings
  • Settings of the GPS monitoring section
  • Settings of the “Travel ONLINE” section
  • Managing friends
  • Affiliate program
In the account settings you can:
  • Edit your country and currency
  • Fill in the Company profile (for automatic invoices for monitoring platform)
  • Change password
  • Manage two-factor authentication
  • Set notification channels
In the GPS monitoring settings it is possible to:
  • Manage connected trackers (add, delete, edit, create a link, etc.)
  • Connect additional services
  • Top up balance
In the Travel ONLINE settings it is possible to:
  • Set up travel online settings
  • Set up application password (for Live GPS Travel Tracker Android app)
In the friends setting it is possible to:
  • View friends list
  • Search for friends
  • Add/Remove Friends
In the Affiliate program setting is possible to:
  • Get your affiliate code and link
  • Manage payouts and referrals