How to connect tracker in free test mode on paid tariffs?

On paid tariffs, when adding a device, the connection fee is deducted (for more details, see Rules of charging for monitoring services).

To avoid connection errors (error when entering IMEI, tracker sends shortened IMEI, etc.), you can connect the tracker as a test tracker. We strongly recommend to always connect the tracker as a test tracker. Make sure that the tracker appears on the map (green coloured icon) and only then transfer to the tariff with charging.

Features of the test device:

  • Using a test tracker is free of charge
  • Only one tracker can be connected as a test tracker at a time.
  • Only viewing option is available for the test tracker.
  • The test device is not intended for testing the service operation on paid tariffs.
  • The device is automatically deleted 7 days after connection

Intended Use Case:

  • Set up the tracker
  • Connect to your account as a test tracker
  • Make the tracker start displaying real location
  • Upgrade the tracker to a tariff
  • Connect another tracker as a test tracker and repeat the steps above.

How to connect a tracker as a test tracker?

➔ Add a tracker as a regular tracker: How to connect a tracker.
➔ But, before you add the device to your account, tick “Add device as test device”.
➔ Only after that, click the “Add” button.

The test device is always at the top of the list. In place of the tracking links you can see information about restricted use.

➔ To switch the device to a paid plan, click on “Yes, switch to the paid plan.

The option is available on the following tariffs: “Simple”, “Professional”