Payments calculator

The payment calculator is designed to quickly calculate the amount that you need to deposit to pay for the trackers. And also it allows you to analyze the estimated costs for a certain period.

How to find payments calculator

➔ Goto to main page website
➔ You will see your account information in the top right corner of the main page (if you signed in)
➔ Press on the balance amount

➔ On the payment page there is a “Payments Calculator”. Click on the text.

In the calculator window:

  • Trackers quantity - by default, the number of devices connected to the account is set
  • Period - default is 1 month
  • Plan - for paid accounts - connected plan, for free accounts - the plan with the lowest cost
  • Amount - the calculated cost for the given number of trackers.

Change any of the parameters and the amount will be automatically recalculated.

To restore the default settings, click on the “Reset” link

Click on the “Apply” button and the selected amount will be substituted in the payment amount field.

Click the “Close” button to close the calculator without changing the payment amount.