How we work with companies

  • We work with any legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who have the opportunity to interact with legal entities registered in the European Union.
  • The system is fully automated and does not require the presence of personal managers
  • To get started you only need to create an account, top up your balance and connect at least one tracker to your account.
  • All services are provided on the basis of a public offer contract.
    There is no possibility to conclude personal contracts.
  • All invoices are self-billed in your personal account on the website.
  • The invoice is linked to the account from which it was created.
    You cannot pay several different accounts with one invoice.
  • For technical questions about the platform work, please contact our support team by e-mail:
  • For any common questions, please write to the sales department e-mail:
  • For payment questions, please write to