Important update of the monitoring platform and mobile applications “Mobile Dispatcher” (up to version 3.0.0) and “Real Time GPS Tracker” (up to version 4.1.0)

Our monitoring platform is transitioning to a geographically distributed system of server hardware.

What does this mean for users?

You will be able to select a monitoring server located in your region/country of residence to receive and store data from your devices.

Why it might be important?

Location of devices and receiving equipment in the same jurisdiction increases connection speed, bypasses various blocking, checks and restrictions from mobile operators and/or ISP channels. For data storage, locating the server equipment in the region where you live ensures that your data will not be blocked for various reasons (sanctions and other changes and requirements of the countries where the equipment is located).

Is there anything I need to do after the upgrade?

No, at this time, the choice of where data is stored and received is purely at the user's discretion.

What do I need to do to change where I store and send data?

On the site go to Manage Trackers - under each tracker you will see the “Server” item Click on the “Server” item and select the desired server from the drop-down list - Save the change.

In the same way it is possible to change the server in the Mobile Dispatcher application (only from application version 3.0.0): Side menu - Manage trackers - Select the desired tracker from the list - Tap on it The “Monitoring Server” item appears on the “Main” tab - Select the required value and click on the “Save” button

GPS tracker-device: Send the device by SMS the command to change the server. Specify the IP address or text name of the server you selected on the website or in Mobile Dispatcher. IMPORTANT!!!! The server address must be the same on the platform and on the device. The port remains the same.

If you configured the device using specialised software, change the server address using this software.

For the Real Time GPS Tracker application: Side menu - Monitoring server settings - Server address Check that the application has changed the server to the one installed on the site. Or change it to the required server manually.

If your tariff allows remote management: In the Mobile Dispatcher app, the remote server change command is automatically sent every server save. On the website - Tracker Management - At the required tracker RTT commands - find the “Change Server” command

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