Update SSL certificates. Important for Android 7 and below

IMPORTANT. For Android 7 (and below) users who have had our websites and apps stop working.

The good news is that we have switched to a different certificate provider and everything should now work as before.

Now a little explanation for those who are interested in the details

As of February 8, 2024, Let's Encrypt certificates will no longer work with Android 7 and older operating systems.

Let's Encrypt recommended buying a new smartphone or installing and using Firefox Mobile, which uses its own trusted certificate store instead of Android's trusted certificate store.

Of course, using Firefox Mobile solves the problem of accessing our website. But the browser isn't the only app on a smartphone that accesses the site. For example, our apps use APIs to register, authorize, and retrieve data. This all works over a secure connection too, using special system libraries built into the app. They also use the operating system storage, so the application becomes completely inoperable.

You could also add the ability to disable the secure connection, but for applications that are in Google Play - it is forbidden. And it is really unsafe.

And indeed - many of our users began to contact us in support with the problem of non-working applications. As it turned out, versions of Android 7 and below are actively used.

So we decided not to do what Google or Let's Encrypt did - drop support for the old versions. We stopped using Let's Encrypt in favor of commercial certificates issued by old trusted companies and everything worked again as before.